Edith Tremblay is a Montreal-based painter and 

photographer who has developed a singular bi-polar

 approach to portrait. Her medium of choice for

 immortalizing other people's faces is painting, 

while she has created an impressive body of

 work of self-portraits photography displaying 

an exquisite sense of mise-en-scène. 

Trained in Interdisciplinary Arts at the 

Chicoutimi University, she has made Montreal 

her home and playground. When she is not busy 

discovering rarities and collectibles, she 

enjoys the visit of many foreign artists in her 

apartment-workshop she calls The Embassy. 


Her first painting exhibit featured portraits

 of strangers, friends, lovers and famous actors, but 

not necessarily in that order. Her work can be found 

in numerous private collections, but despite her 

rising popularity, she has refused to increase her 

output and maintains a very strict selection 

process about which she is very private. While 

she will always deny the existence of a cult 

following on the Internet, the evidence of fan 

behaviour and quasi-stalking interactions can 

be found on social networks.


-Denis McCready