Collaborations, Collaborators and Muses

Muse - August 2019

Sometimes, the camera just want to digitally kiss the face that inspires it. Here is a few of my friend's Chris cinematically inspiring moments caught on camera

Nouvelle Vague - October 2014

There are movies of the past we all have seen, but perhaps they do not really exist.

They are hybrids, intertwining the people we met, the cities we traveled to, the essence of our nostalgia, the substance of things that were and others we imagined. They are vapor of fiction,  flavor of our memories, fragrance of our creativity; our own skills as an observer, as a witness.

It all comes down to this sort of mashed-up immaterial creature I desperately  try to capture in photographic images.


Here is my first series, with the help and collaboration of Francois Escalmel.

Feel free to let me know what they evoke for you, what they remind you of.

FAUXTOPORTRAIT - September 2014

Exploratory work on the Fauxtoportrait theme with the help and collaboration of Karine Fournier.


Marie-Pier D.- Improvisived session with professional model and muse